Two Lives, One Heart

She looked at him, he didn’t know. “How could you not know I have been in love with you all of these years? How is that possible? Brad,” she looked down, took a deep breath, looked back up at him and quietly continued, “I assumed you would never love anyone like me. Like you said, you were a jock and there was a particular type of girl I imagined you wanting to be with. I did not fit into that idea at all. I thought you were just being nice to me. You got stuck with the fat girl on a project. To be honest, I was surprised when you continued to associate with me after the project was completed.” She put her face in her hand, then looked back up and continued, “I never made a move or even dropped a hint because I never thought you could fall for me. Then our friendship became so important to me, I didn’t want to risk not only rejection, but losing the other half of me. I couldn’t do that.” She took a deep breath, “That’s why I think maybe last night may have been a mistake. It’s like your body was telling you that I’m not the one. I know you may think I am, but…” She stopped.

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