You’re Stronger Than You Think

Looking back on past relationships, I be you can pick out all the things that should’ve given you the clues that it wasn’t right. That he or even she wasn’t the “ONE”. But somehow, you missed it. OR maybe, you just got out of a relationship and wonder how you missed it all. I believe the phrase, “Love is blind” applies here. Most of the time, I believe we don’t want to see it. We want to believe it’s working. We want to believe he/she is going to do all the things they say they will. They mean it when they say those sweet nothings to you. But pay attention to the actions, those are the telltale signs of the truth. When you begin watching that, your answer will become clear. It may hurt like hell, but in the end, you’ll be stronger and happier for it.

~Teller Talk, You’re welcome

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