Published works on Literotica

“The Shower”

As I worked my way up my thighs, I slowly turned back to you. Soap clinging to my naked body, my hands began working over my thighs. My fingertips grazing in the middle, I slowly slip my hand and fingers over my clit. My eyes closed and I began moaning. You stood, dropping your boxers to the floor…

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“Queen’s Choice”

“She always felt drunk at his touch, his kisses made her dizzy and he knew this. She was helpless under his spell and he thrived on it. His hardness pressing against her, she was desperate to feel him. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him against her heat.” 

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“You sneak up behind me and as you touch my hips, I jump, not expecting you. I giggle…you love my giggle. You wrap your arms around my waist and pull me closer to you, kissing my neck. I moan at the feel of your body and your lips on me. You always feel so good. You pull the shirt back over my shoulder a little, kissing my shoulder, your other hand slipping up my shirt. My breathing getting heavier, soft moans escaping from time to time. Your hands make their way down my body, slipping inside my shirt. I feel your hands cup my breasts and you begin rubbing my nipples, making them hard instantly.”

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“Secrets: Encounter, Chapter 1”

“He moved closer to me and I would swear there was an electricity. Like this undeniable pull, bringing us together. All I could think was how much I wanted to feel his body on mine. Kiss his lips. He reached down and grabbed my hand, then led me to a nearby restroom, pulled me in, shut and locked the door behind me. He pushed me against the door and began kissing me. Hard, deep, hungry. His hands gliding over my body. He raised my skirt and ripped off my panties. He slid his hand between my legs rubbing my clit. My moans getting louder as his mouth explored and ravished my body. I felt him slip his finger inside me as he worked his mouth to my breasts. I undid his pants and started rubbing his hard cock.”

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