Men vs. Women

From the moment we’re born, there are distinct differences between the male and female. Of course, the obvious physical differences. Also, the chemical/hormonal differences as well. But it doesn’t there – it also depends on how each is raised. As much as we would like to think our household treats each sex the same, we don’t. There are different expectations, rules, and the way we are taught to believe our sex should “act” that is bred into us from an early age.

Even though it may feel like we’re from different planets, we really aren’t. We’re simply the same species with different needs. But to make our relationships work, we need to understand the needs of our partner and do our best to satisfy them. If our cup is full, we’re more likely to do that thing you like .*wink*

Generally speaking (and this means GENERALLY – it doesn’t include everyone), men are the more visual creatures. They don’t really need much of the mental/emotional connection to be turned on. But a boob pic will do the trick. Let him SEE you. The naughtier the better. If you’re able, walk by and flash him a boob. Send him a pic of you bent over when he is at work. Walk around the house in a tank and panties. Seriously, they aren’t as difficult as women make them out to be. It will help keep his cup full and your intimacy frequent.

For women, generally speaking (see above paragraph for ‘generally’), we are the feelers. We need a mental/emotional connection. Sure, a pic is great, but it makes a bigger impact from a man we feel that spark with. Talk to her. Leave little notes. Do things with her you both enjoy. She wants you to have fun, too. It’s in those moments of talking about our feelings and dreams or working with you on a task or laughing together we feel most connected to you. It’s like our brain and heart are connected to our vagina.

Public affection, surprise gifts, dates…all those things are wonderful and important to learn about your partner. They’re part of their personal love language. The above is no different. Learn about your partner so that the connection between you keeps the passion flame burning bright and strong.

~Teller Talk, You’re welcome.

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