Like puzzle pieces….

Too many people get caught up in “blending in” and in the process lose complete sight of who they really are. Don’t do this. You are who you are for a reason. You have something to contribute, to accomplish, to gain from this life. Don’t ever dilute that. Be unapologetically you. Well, unless you think about killing or other weird, concerning, psycopath stuff like that. Then please seek help. But for the rest of us, embrace yourself.

This has always been the hardest thing for me to do, until I got older. Looking back I see all the time I wasted trying to fit in. Ya know what? I don’t do that anymore. I embrace being different, quirky, even crazy! It’s who I am and I am more that ok with that. I am constantly evolving and becoming better at being me. To know there is no one else like me, that I am the only copy, makes me feel pretty special.

Together, your crazy and my crazy make up the most beautiful puzzle ever.

~Teller Talk, You’re Welcome

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