Don’t Ignore Either

Your brain and your heart only think one way, neither are necessarily wrong or right, they just look at the situation differently. It’s important, especially in the matter of love, to pay attention to what both are telling you. Maybe your heart isn’t into it, even though your brain is telling you only an idiot would not be. Maybe your heart is completely over the moon, but your brain is picking out all the reasons you shouldn’t be. You should pay attention to both of them. It’s when we ignore one of them we find ourselves in trouble.

Relationships are no different than any other union. They need to be looked at logically.

“But Teller, you lose the romance.”

Um, no you don’t. What you lose is the possible heartache when it doesn’t work out. True, sometimes you can listen to both, make what you think at the time is a good decision, and it still end in disaster. But, we can’t always predict the future. Do what you can. Look at all the avenues. It’s when both your brain and your heart are on the same level, that you will find your soulmate.

~Teller Talk, You’re Welcome

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