“In Progress”

There will never come a day, as long as your eyes open, that you stop growing. We are all in a constant state of getting closer to who we’re supposed to be. Oh sure, some people can try to deny the growth. Build walls up. Refuse to love or learn their lessons. You know the type, the ones who make the same mistakes over and over. Never seeming to learn from them. Just drifting through the same mistakes.

Or, the men and women who seem to get bored with you and move on to the next person. These are generally people who have been hurt so badly they have built a wall around themselves – scared to love because they are scared to hurt. Hurting is part of growing. The pain has a lesson in it, if you listen.

The point is, don’t beat yourself up too bad for making mistakes. Don’t allow another person to own you, just because it didn’t work out. Take all the experiences life gives you and learn from them. Let them nourish your growth. It’s another step closer to who you are supposed to be.

~Teller Talk xoxo

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