Hello and welcome . I am a 40 something year old aspiring author. I’ve been writing since the age of 13, when I wrote my first poem. Since then, I’ve been head over heels for words.

My first love will always be poetry. It gives you a freedom with the written word unfound anywhere else. A poem can flow continuously without a comma or period. The very flow of the poem helps to express the emotion behind it.

It was a few years after I began writing poetry, I began writing short stories. It started with sitting on the phone for hours making up stories for my best friend. Just young teenage, boy crazy, kinda stuff. She loved it and I always enjoyed using my imagination. I finally decided to write some of it down. It was fun for me. While most of my friends were into hanging out and doing things, my absolutely favorite thing was to write. Stories appeared to me like a movie in my head. I would just lay for hours with my eyes closed watching it all unfold.

I didn’t date much. I didn’t have a lot of boyfriends, so my time was mostly spent writing and dreaming, or listening to music. In the world of writing, poetry is my first love, however, in the real world, my first love was music. I dreamt of being a singer. Unfortunately for me, I had zero talent singing. I may have the best car concerts, but I’ll bust your eardrum! But it was my muse. It gave me so much inspiration. Still does actually.

Fact is, I would’ve never have fancied myself an “author”. I feel as if I wasted precious time. But I feel as if I owe it to that blossoming teenager to pursue this. Luckily, I’ve developed some fantastic friends and fans (I still have difficulty calling them fans), that keep pushing me to continue with my writing. I feel as if I owe it to them too. So, I began writing my first book. When completed, I will publish on Amazon and announce it here on my website and social media pages. In the meantime, I post short stories and teasers on the book at literotica.com. Be sure to check out my Stories page for links.

If I can make one person smile or whisk them away to another place for a moment, then as a writer, I am accomplished.

Much Love,

CJ Brown aka The Storyteller xoxo

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